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I was looking for an encryption/decryption tool with a very simple GUI that is available on all platforms (including mobile phones) and uses an open format so that I can decrypt my file via other standard tools too. Another key requirement was that I had to trust the tool.

The main use case was the protection of those few files I do not want to upload to a cloud drive unencrypted.

Having checked and discarded multiple Android apps, I ended up writing a tool on my own. Please find it here:


It is just an HTML file with JavaScript, your browser runs it on the client side only, it does not upload anything anywhere. Actually, it is just a very simple wrapper for the CryptoJS library. Whatever I encrypt can be decrypted with an equivalent OpenSSL command. I used it on files ~10 megabytes, anything bigger should not be handled in a browser.

Feel free to use it! :)


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